Support Our Police

Dear Neighbor,

Career politicians are at it again, this time taking the radical step of defunding the Delray Beach Police Department.

These same politicians are proposing these cuts after voting to give themselves a pay hike worth almost 3X their current salaries.

Three times the pay for the politicians and no pay for the cops. It’s unthinkable.

Delray Beach’s own staff has said the $421,411 cut to the police budget will “negatively affect the safety of the Delray Beach community.”

The impact statement from staff warned the cuts “will lead to an increase in crime and a decrease in property values.” They added that the “effects of the cuts will be felt for years to come.”

As any person with common-sense can tell you, Law Enforcement needs reforms.We need to employ technological solutions to add accountability. We need separate, unbiased and independent evaluation of lethal incidents. We need sentencing reform.But what Delray Beach is proposing is a step too far.

Defunding the Delray Beach police doesn’t just hurt Delray Beach. Once crime and home values plummet there, the affect will spread all throughout Southern Palm Beach County.

So, I’m asking you to sign and mail back this petition to stop Delray Beach from defunding the police and use the pay hikes for politicians to help pay for it.

Like I said, this is about common sense. And giving politicians a raise while canceling pay for cops is absolutely ridiculous.

Representative Mike Caruso

Support Our Police

As a citizen of Delray Beach, I request that the city commissioners fully fund the police and use the pay hikes for politicians to help pay for it.

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