Funding Public Education

Florida has been named the top state in higher education. While we should celebrate our colleges and universities, more can be done to improve our K-12 schools. Without properly funded schools, our children cannot receive the attention and resources they deserve. Mike will fight for increased K-12 funding and ensure that our public schools provide a quality education for our children.


The Opioid Crisis

Dangerous opioids have the potential to pull apart families and destroy lives. To solve this important issue, we need to be tough on dealers and punish doctors that willingly write wrongful prescriptions. If elected, Mike will work with law enforcement to end the opioid crisis in Palm Beach County and set an example for the rest of the country on how to tackle this issue.


Tough on Crime

Crime in our community is unacceptable. At no point should citizens be afraid in Palm Beach County. Mike will work alongside local and state law enforcement to crack down on crime. Mike will also work with local educators to create more after school programs to help our children before they turn to crime. By working together on this issue, we can prevent crime and make our community a safe place to live, work, and raise a family.


Economic Growth

Mike believes that improving the economy is both a job growth issue and an education issue. We need more skilled jobs in our community, but we also need trained, qualified workers to fill those positions. Creating an educated workforce will help end the skilled worker crisis and allow families to earn higher incomes. If we invest in workforce training in our public schools and community colleges, the economy of Palm Beach County can stay competitive.


Illegal Immigration

Illegal immigration effects everyone. It creates a strain on the economy, the state budget, and our welfare system. With over 800,000 unauthorized immigrants in Florida, the state cannot afford to provide benefits for everyone. If elected, Mike will fight for tougher border control and work to end tax-funded benefits for undocumented residents.